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I like shiny things. Glitter, sequins, metallics and bling, reflective surfaces and things that sparkle when the sun catches them. Walking past a jewellery store window brings out the best of my attention deficit disorder – I might be mid sentence discussing politics and then oooh, shiny! – and I’m gone.

oooh shiny

Being actually invited into the jewellery store is almost beyond comprehension. I might want things, and in the way you never leave cake in front of a dieting person, I should never be left alone near the shiny things. Until last week when I was invited to visit Keshett, on Little Collins Street, in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.


Keshett has been a jewellery mecca for over 30 years, owned and operated by Eugene and Paula Keshett, and catering to the many and varied needs of those in need of shiny things. With individual pieces, both antique, vintage and modern, their collection is sure to wow any shopper searching for something sparkly.


I visited on a bustling Thursday afternoon, where a young couple who had been searching for an engagement ring for over seven weeks found ‘the one’ after just five minutes at Keshett. They departed, and the gentleman that followed (and certainly knew his diamonds!) purchased the perfect ring for his beloved after examining the ring in detail on the hand of another shopper – or ‘ring model’ if you will.

A tour of the store with Paula showcases the amazing pieces she has uncovered all over the world. With a schedule that takes in Miami, New York, France, Germany, England, Vegas and Hong Kong, Paula looks for pieces that are interesting but different, always searching for the next story.

diamond necklace

And stories, the Keshett team have in droves. If not for the fact that my car parking was about to expire, I could have listened to proposal stories all afternoon. There was the one where the guy sold his car to fund the perfect ring, the proposals that have taken place in the store, a case of a ring lost between purchase and proposal, and the celebrity stories I have been sworn to secrecy about. We laughed and cried over champagne and macaroons. Keshett isn’t just about jewellery for Paula, it’s about having some fun and finding the perfect piece of sparkle to suit a personality.

shiny things

I tried on diamonds (oh, the DIAMONDS!), emeralds, sapphires and rubies.  Stunning gems any girl would be proud to display. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, wedding band, something stunning for a special occasion, or just something shiny cause you can, Keshett is where you will find it!

Stay tuned to see the AH-MAZING piece I’ve borrowed to wear at my 30th birthday party and start thinking about what you’ll get your Valentine this February 14th. I’ve got a $250 gift certificate to give away to one lucky Valentine – simply comment below about your V Day plans! And if you’re single, how will you spoil yourself? Who says you need a man to buy you diamonds… (Competition open to Australian residents only, random draw, entries close February 10 at 5pm).




  1. Anne

    This is our first Valentine’s Day since our engagement. We will walk from my house to our favourite local restaurant, Peppertree, and have dinner. I usually send him something for Valentine’s Day, as we often don’t get to see each other (he has teenage children who live with him 50-50), but he’ll be with me this year, so it’s extra special!

  2. Nicole

    Valentines this year will be the first for me & my partner together, having met just 5 days before last year. A friend set us up away on a Camping trip, so to celebrate & bring back the fond exciting memories we plan to head away an camp the night/weekend. Find the time to value and appreciate the spark we saw during the first time 🙂 Can absolutely not wait. And no gift or card or flowers are expected or needed 🙂 – but some keshett jewels couldnt hurt 🙂

  3. Samantha

    Valentines plans… As long as I’m not surrounded by an overwhelming sea of red balloons (they kind of scare me) I’ll be happy. I’m a bit cheeky in saying that the 13th February is the perfect time to celebrate Valentines Day, celebrate the love without all the commodities. Love and special moments are the greatest when they are organic. I try and tell my lover everyday he is the best and I love him without being told so

  4. I am also going to buy Valentines day gift for my partner.

  5. Caroline Chagas

    As a white single Jewish female who doesn’t believe in the L word, but in the power of a well-heeled wardrobe, Valentine’s Day is:

    – Text from mother: “Sometimes I worry about you being alone”
    – Text from ex-fiance: “You’re the reason I cannot commit to anybody else”
    – Pity call from smug married girlfriend: “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll meet someone”
    – Follow up text from mother: “But I really admire your strength and determination”
    – Follow up text from ex-fiance: “We’re cool, right?”

    As for me, I am dating for charity! Five dates in five weeks. Need some bling to catch my prey!

  6. Lucky us – our very first date happened to be on Valentine’s Day, and this year we celebrate 7 years together! AND its our last before we get to get a new anniversary – a wedding one!
    We’re planning on enjoying a lovely dinner at a fun restaurant and plenty of bubbles… a nice new piece of bling would top it off! Keshett’s stuff is the kind that dreams are made of. Perfect to feel like a princess!

  7. How wonderful is Paula?!

    We’ll be celebrating V-day with our gorgeous motley bunch of married and single friends – because we love ’em all! That and we recently found the stash of bubbles that we misplaced over Chrissy – good enough reason as any for a party amongs friends! x

    • Sarah Kempson (Author)

      Congratulations Cheryl! You are the winner of the $250 Keshett voucher!

  8. Erica

    No V Day plans. Not. A. Single. One…. But I’m sure something sparkly would make me feel MUCH better about the situation… 😉

  9. Tara

    I’m hopefully gonna be sailing through the kimberlies as a stowaway on a yacht with one of my fab girlfriends! The bling would definitely help me to blend in & look less like a stowaway and help me not to be thrown over board & swimming back to land instead on valentines day!!!:)

  10. Jacqui W

    I love Valentine’s day but my other half isn’t so keen. Apparently he doesn’t like being told by Hallmark when to buy me flowers. Fingers crossed for a nice dinner – even if it’s takeout at home!

  11. Claire

    We’ll be at home celebrating our little man’s 6th birthday. He’s been nagging me for a $250 Keshett voucher…I mean Lego.

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