The *NEW* Smith, Prahran

They say life is short, and you should eat dessert first. My experience at The Smith Prahran this week proved this to be true, when this incredible peanut butter and chocolate dessert with salted caramel popcorn came our way. Unable to stop at one, I felt that if this had of been served at the beginning of the evening, we might never have wanted to try the rest of the delicious food that was on offer, part of the new Asian Fusion menu the revamped Smith revealed on the night. dessert From delightful oysters (I have to confess I didn't try them - I'm not an oyster fan!) to the Caramelised Sticky Pork with Vietnamese Herbs & Duck Egg Salad (of which I more than made up for the lack of oysters) the food was yummy and filling. pork belly Also, there were cocktails. These were also delicious. cocktai A fab night and a fab party to celebrate the changes to this still young venue - I look forward to returning for more of that peanut buttery chocolate goodness!! me The Smith Prahran 213 High Street Prahran Images two, three and four thanks to Regina Karon / Karon Photographyfacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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