The New Renault Clio

When I first announced to my family that I had a new (serious) boyfriend, the first question my Dad asked was, ‘what does he drive?’ The status of ones car is a big deal in our household. There is even an urban myth that Mum only went out with Dad at the age of 17 because he had a car – cars are an important part of our family.

To me, a car has always been about getting from A to B, and having enough space in the back for my shopping bags. I’ve never had much of a choice in colour (apparently that whole red goes faster thing isn’t true anyways) and decisions have been made mostly based on cost and safety.

Renault One
For the past few weeks, I’ve been driving a new Renault Clio, and I’ve come to discover that there are SO many more important things to consider when buying a car than just shopping space and the colour (although I’m here to tell you, the French Blue is divine and the boot is HUGE).

The new Clio is dead sexy to look at it, and a pretty sweet ride too. It’s zippy and cute and while its clearly designed for the ladies, my boyfriend was the first to grab the keys, given the opportunity. It has all the appeal of a hatch or liftback, while being ‘tough’ enough to appeal to the other half.


amyMy nieces do their best to sell the car, while Dad checks things out inside.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the lack of back door handles (they are hidden near the window – clever aesthetics!) and the credit card sized key that starts the car with a button. This took some getting used to, as the ‘key’ fits into the centre console of the car, whereas I suspect your current or last car uses a standard key inserted to the right of the steering wheel.

There are other differences too. Being European, the indicator is on the left, and the speed is recorded on a digital display, rather than a traditional speedometer. The lights and windscreen wipers are both automatic, and the car will tell you if the person in the backseat isn’t yet wearing their seatbelt (clever!!).


keyChecking things out at my favourite local, Honey. Clio is great for zipping about the city!

Plus, when you leave the car – it knows! And will automatically lock when you take the key a few metres out of range. This was most excellent when I tried to carry half a dozen shopping bags, my handbag, laptop and house keys….

But the biggest difference, and most valuable thing about the Renault Clio (in my opinion!) is the fuel economy. After driving the car for nearly two weeks – close to 700kms – I was beginning to worry that perhaps the fuel gauge was broken. But no, this car simply has the most unprecedented fuel economy – even when refilling at $1.40p/L, the cost was only $52. Compared to my current car, the Renault Clio would save me a fortune in petrol costs alone.


I drove the automatic transmission model, and noted that the gear changes felt a bit like being in a manual, giving the driver the feeling of power without compromising on the environmentally friendly features of the car. A light just above the steering wheel glows green when running at its best efficiency, fading to olive, orange and yellow when you are accelerating or braking too hard.

My time with the car has been nothing short of a blast. We’ve been to the country, put up the permit sign at our block of land, had drinks, been to coffee and chauffeured people home – and to the airport! The one thing I found odd? The built in navigator doesn’t use a QWERTY keyboard. But just like it takes getting used to having the indicator on the opposite side, so too I got used to this.


Final notes? Dad approves. And really, when you are thinking about buying a new car, it’s important that your folks are on side.

Massive thanks to Renault for entrusting me with this gorgeous car for the past weeks, and to Soda Communications for making everything wonderful. Special mention to the City of Port Phillip, who took three weeks to send me a visitor parking permit, which arrived just before I returned the car. Kudos.

Read more about the new Clio by downloading the brochure here: REN11912_CLIO Brochure IV_05 Web.
I drove the new Clio Dynamique which has lot’s of bits and bobs and shiny things, and retails for $23,290.
The Clio Authentique (base model) starts at $16,790.


So Frenchy, So Chic

I’m nursing a sunshine and champagne hangover. Why? It’s all thanks to my first So Frenchy, So Chic in the park concert yesterday, an elegant affair at Werribee Park Mansion and a celebration of all things French.

RenaultSaraid and I with driver Robbie

With an invitation to attend the event from Renault, I could hardly say no to a chauffeured Clio to get us to and from the event, and a Sunday afternoon on a picnic run drinking champagne and eating cheese. Très fantastique!!

Our driver Robbie arrived exactly at the appointed time, in a red Clio, ready to whisk us away to the concert. An hour later and we were escorted to the Renault picnic area, a yellow umbrella covered grassy spot with hay bales and wine barrels. Within minutes we were seated and holding a flute of Laurent Perrier. The sun shone and the French musicians sang; hundreds of people had turned out to enjoy the perfect afternoon weather.

Renault areaWearing dress by Revival (buy at 20% off!), Shoes by Sachi (on sale for $79), Bag by Kmart, Sunglasses by Sass & Bide

Cheese and strawberries, pate, grapes and baguette followed. Bright Young Things catering did a wonderful job and the food and wine was certainly divine. As was the music – the departure of Lou Dillion due to illness was not missed with Lilly Wood and The Prick, and Féfé, both providing gorgeous tunes to dance the afternoon away too.

Sarah Kempson and Saraid MittenSaraid and I pose for Polite In Public

Floral garlands and crepes were seen all over. It really was the most spectacular music festival I’ve ever been invited to. Never again can I attend Summerdayze or the Big Day Out and feel the same way – picnic rugs with cheese and bubbles is the only way to go.

Sarah Kempson and Sarah HarrisonWith Sarah from Little Miss Melbourne

It was also thrilling to be able to experience this event with so many other wonderfully chic ladies from the bloggersphere – Erica, Cheryl, Tiffany, Carly, Sarah and Lisa. Many thanks to Renault for looking after us in the chicest manner possible!!

Sarah Kempson, Melbgirl, Cheryl LinWith Erica from Melbgirl and Cheryl from BusiChic – thanks for the happy snap E!

The New Renault Clio at MSFW

You know how you can buy the little trees that hang from your rearview mirror in the scent of ‘new car’ smell’? That’s about as close to a new car as I’d ever been until I was picked up last week in the new Renault Clio and whisked off to a seriously stylish soiree at The Blackman Hotel in Melbourne.

The New Renault Clio

My poor bruised RAV4 sat in the street while doors were opened for me and I zoomed off in the oyster grey Clio for a night of fashion and fun with fellow Melbourne bloggers.

The Drivers

Driver Gil (who, poor soul, didn’t know what a blogger was!) whisked us off and explained to me some of the very cool features of the car while we waited at the lights. Had I noticed the back door handles were missing? (Note, not actually missing, cleverly disguised so it looks like a two door!)  Or perhaps I’d like to test the stereo, which can be customized to sound like a V6, a motorbike, an old style car OR EVEN A SPACESHIP!!

Arriving at The Blackman, and heading straight for the Penthouse, we sipped Jack Rabbit sparking (I was VERY grateful for a driver!) and munched on adorable canapés, overlooking Albert Park Lake and the coast.

Me with Em Rusciano. I love her!

MC Em Rusciano regaled us with how in love with the Clio she was before launching the Renault Clio Pose Off – a competition where an ugly selfie could win you a car!

How you ask? Simply take a pic of yourself looking less than perfect, upload it to the Renault Clio Pose Off Facebook page and take seriously stylish to a whole new level. Viola!

Melbourne Bloggers en masseLove this shot from Lady Melbourne of the Melbourne Bloggers who were in attendance. L-R: Lauren Brain, Phoebe Montague, Sarah Willcocks, Me!, Erica Moloney, Cheryl Lin and Emily Collie.

And if you are too vain to pose and just want to buy one of these babies, they come in at under $20k, have a stack of features you can design yourself, don’t do badly in the safety or environmental stakes and look AWESOME.