Aloha from Maui!

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, since I am totally in Hawaii and it’s totally time for a cocktail.


MauiThe coast of Maui from the Cessna plane we took on Mokulele Air.

I arrived in Hawaii Tuesday morning, after leaving Melbourne Tuesday afternoon (yep, love a time zone change) and immediately felt more relaxed. We binged on Orange is the New Black on the plane (if you’ve seen it, you’ll know why the hosties on the plane kept wandering past our seats) and stepped out at Honolulu airport as the sun was coming up.

IMAG2116_1This was our plane. You can see why I was concerned. TOTALLY recommend it now though!

Our first week is in Maui, so a domestic flight was called for – I was googling Hawaiian airlines, but my boyfriend (an aviation enthusiast) had other ideas. A small, 8 seater plane awaited us on the tarmac and I wondered whether we’d make it to Maui, let alone through three weeks together. But I was proven wrong as the intimate journey gave us much better views of the other islands and meant we could land at the airport closer to our accommodation.

DSC04648From the beach at Napili Surf Resort, where we are spending six days. It’s great here, much older crowd but quiet!

It’s now our third day here and we’ve been sleeping, napping, eating and lying on the beach. A short walk to the shops turned into a bit of a hike when we missed a turnoff, and a little expedition on the bus to the next town yesterday was more than enough exertion for the whole week.

beach babeOn an overcast day, but still 27 degrees and balmy. Wearing Island State Swimwear Positano One Piece. Buy here.

Now I just want to rotate bathers and read my book, with plenty of sunscreen of course.

Also, the flowers here are SUBLIME.