Ottoman3 Brow Game

I don’t have a lot of eyebrows. They are reasonably blonde, and I’ve never taken the time to have them shaped properly. I usually just ask the beautician waxing my legs to get rid of the strays on my brows and continue on with my life. Looking at pictures of Cara Delevingne makes me incredibly jealous, but I’m resigned to the fact that my brows are just never going to have that kind of impact.

And then I visited Ottoman3. I knew how to use a brow pencil and a bit of highlighter to really make those brows ‘pop’, but these guys take brow maintenance to a whole new level. First up – they use threading to remove hair, rather than waxing. It’s not painless, but more a weird vibration sensation. Plus, your brows and WAY less red than they are immediately following hair removal.


The skill required to actually do the threading is pretty unique. Plus it’s super cool to watch (fascinating, even). After the threading experience, it was recommended that I get my brows tinted. A simple process, I did kinda freak a little bit immediately following (they were REALLY dark!!) but 24 hours later, actually rather impressive. Look out Cara.


The team at Ottoman3 then demonstrated some of the products used in brow aftercare. Did you know there is a fairly significant difference in using a powder, or a pencil, when filling in your brows? The powder might take longer, but the results speak for themselves.


Ottoman3 carry a range of after care products, all in brilliant shades of gold. Pretty!! And now, a week on, my brows are pretty awesome. Two more sessions before my wedding and I’ll be rocking a super strong brow game at the alter.