About a girl

sarahgumboots800If Carrie Bradshaw and Bridget Jones had a love child and sent her to Australia, I’d be her.

I’m a writer, fashion tragic, social butterfly and comedy of errors all at once. Five years ago, I started a blog, and the girl from the suburbs was made good through a move to the big city, an influx of shiny new Social Media friends and some newfound confidence.

My blog, Sarah’s Style Emporium, started out as a home to food and fashion, and morphed into the calamities that make up my life (and what I was wearing or eating while they happened).

I started writing for Onya Magazine, and then others wanted my words as well – Fashion Journal, The Modern Woman’s Survival GuideMarketing Magazine and Urban List, to name a few.

Before I knew it, people were paying me to write things! So I threw in the towel at my day job, traded my high heels for fluffy slippers and commenced the freelancer lifestyle.

Nowadays I manage Social Media campaigns for business, pen articles for various publications, entertain a few copywriting clients and spend my days working out of cafés, but I still get a thrill when an invitation to an event arrives in my inbox or a PR rep calls me to ask if I’d like to try the ‘insert latest and greatest thing here’.

I’m still astounded that anyone except my Mum reads my blog.

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