Union Electric

I like bars, especially new ones hidden in sort of hard to find places that serve cocktails and have fairy lights strung above. Union Electric is a recent addition to the Chinatown (Off Russell Street, off Little Bourke Street, on Heffernan Lane) and while you might accidentally walk by the the discreet entry, once inside you’ll find a buzzing little bar with plenty of personality.

Union electric 3

It’s charm lies in the simplicity of the space, and the deliciousness of the cocktails to be found within. They have the self proclaimed best Espresso Martini in town too, though I’ll let you decide that one for yourself.

union electric2

Also rocking at Union Electric is the glassware – I may end up with a champagne flute in my purse the next time I visit!

union electric

Stop by and say hi to the new kids on the block!

Union Electric
13 Heffernan Lane

Images one and two thanks to Union Electric

Fashion Film

These three beautiful fashion films have recently been released to highlight the work that goes into couture dresses and bags. They are romantic in their detail, and truly show the craftmanship that is Dior and Chanel.

Le “Be Dior” sous toutes les coutures par VOGUEPARIS


Happy 2015!!! I know it’s only a week old, but I’m almost certain it’s going to be the best yet. Why? Because I’m (probably) going to get married. We haven’t picked a date yet, or even decided what we’ll do for our wedding, but at the end of 2014, my boyfriend became my fiancee. It’s possibly the most exciting, happy, wonderful time ever. And the past three years have been pretty exciting, happy and wonderful.

You might remember my little tale of love from a while back, over at Onya Magazine. I wrote about my sketchy dating history, and how meeting Prince Charming was everything I had always hoped. His proposal was just the same – romantic and unexpected. Charming, and perfect for us. Telling and retelling the story has been one of the highlights of my Christmas.


And then he sent me this picture and I’m reminded of how much and why I love him. It’s hilarious.

So now the fun of wedding planning commences! Already we have differing opinions on what type of wedding to have, how many people to invite and what the dress code should be – but I guess that’s all part of the fun isn’t it?

Tell me your favourite wedding shortcuts, tips and tricks – I’ve got lot’s of learning to do!

VEIN Fashion App

There are some terribly clever people in this world. One of them is Brian Ritchie, and he has just developed an app that is a godsend for fashion loving girls everywhere. VEIN is Tinder on steroids, and waaay more fun.

We all know how Tinder works – swipe one way for no, the other for yes, and then go forth, meet the love of your life and life happily ever after. So let’s take that technology, replace boys with clothes, swipe to like and click through to buy. It couldn’t be more simple – or addictive.


Plus, the app has technology that allows it to learn the style of clothing you like the more you use it. Just imagine the world of possibility and the endless supply of items from ASOS that can feed into VEIN and save you from scrolling through sixty pages of stuff you just don’t care about.Wishlist

Oh, but wait. There’s more. It will also send notifications when the items you have liked GO ON SALE. I KNOW. It couldn’t be any easier to shop from your phone, on public transport or waiting for a friend.Settings1

If fashion is in your blood – or veins –  download this app immediately. Industry heavyweight Patty Huntington is on board, and while I could tell you a whole lot more of the technical cool behind the user friendly design, I think you’ll get more from it if you just have a go. It’s free, and you shop online anyways, so what have you got to lose?

Available for iphone and android now. Tell your friends!

And so this is Christmas

I’m not sure why I’m writing a blog post now. It’s been about six weeks since I put pen to paper (or tapped away at the keyboard and stared at a screen) and I have no more time now than I have in the past month but procrastination is key and so, here I am.


My list of blog topics to ‘get to’ becomes increasingly longer every day. So too, does the list of Christmas related shopping, cooking, card writing, cleaning up and catching up – not to mention the fact that I also run a small business, where seemingly everyone wants things done before the end of year break.

In between drinking too much, sleeping too little and all the rest, it became apparent that I can’t do it all. We have to prioritise and we need to be able to say No. We need to not feel guilty about that that.

I have some exciting things to write about, and they will still be exciting in a few weeks time when everything dies down. I hope you guys are having a brilliant lead up to Christmas, and hope its a happy and safe one.

PS Last week I got the best Christmas present ever – a nephew! How awesome are babies?

Sarah x

Aloha from Maui!

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, since I am totally in Hawaii and it’s totally time for a cocktail.


MauiThe coast of Maui from the Cessna plane we took on Mokulele Air.

I arrived in Hawaii Tuesday morning, after leaving Melbourne Tuesday afternoon (yep, love a time zone change) and immediately felt more relaxed. We binged on Orange is the New Black on the plane (if you’ve seen it, you’ll know why the hosties on the plane kept wandering past our seats) and stepped out at Honolulu airport as the sun was coming up.

IMAG2116_1This was our plane. You can see why I was concerned. TOTALLY recommend it now though!

Our first week is in Maui, so a domestic flight was called for – I was googling Hawaiian airlines, but my boyfriend (an aviation enthusiast) had other ideas. A small, 8 seater plane awaited us on the tarmac and I wondered whether we’d make it to Maui, let alone through three weeks together. But I was proven wrong as the intimate journey gave us much better views of the other islands and meant we could land at the airport closer to our accommodation.

DSC04648From the beach at Napili Surf Resort, where we are spending six days. It’s great here, much older crowd but quiet!

It’s now our third day here and we’ve been sleeping, napping, eating and lying on the beach. A short walk to the shops turned into a bit of a hike when we missed a turnoff, and a little expedition on the bus to the next town yesterday was more than enough exertion for the whole week.

beach babeOn an overcast day, but still 27 degrees and balmy. Wearing Island State Swimwear Positano One Piece. Buy here.

Now I just want to rotate bathers and read my book, with plenty of sunscreen of course.

Also, the flowers here are SUBLIME.


The Grande Hotel, Hepburn Springs

Last week I met the most amazing taxi driver on the face of the planet. Serge, one of Daylesford and Hepburn Springs only taxi drivers, chauffeured us to and from our dinner at The Grande Hotel, offered handy tips about the weather and opened our doors for us like a real gentleman. It was like stepping back to another time.

Following boredom in retirement, Serge now drives the local folk, and visitors, to and from the culinary capitals of the region – The Grande Hotel being just one of the sought after spots to dine. And it’s gorgeous olde worlde charm makes it all the more special.

grande hotel

We turned up on Locals Night as it were, where 2 or 3 courses were on offer for bargain prices. There was the fireplace, a piano and tables of couples looking at each other adoringly over candlelight. All the romance.


Little Miss Melbourne and I elected to go with two courses, and share the entree and dessert. Scallops as a starter were beautifully presented and delish before our mains – meatballs for me and duck for LMM – arrived. Champagne continued to be drunk while we chatted to the Maitre’d, and the owner of The Grande, who later gave us a tour of this impressive estate.

Feeling full and satisfied, we moved to the lounge chairs by the fire to enjoy cheese and quince paste before tea in the adjoining room that might best be described as a smoking lounge (without the smoking part).

IMAG1985_1A gorgeous old photo of the owners mother on the mantlepiece is a lovely touch

The whole building is delightfully southern, and in a word, Grand. Also apparently haunted! The food is prepared by a renowned hatted chef, the staff were all wonderfully pleasant and chatty and while it was dark, it felt like the outlook over Wombat Forest would not disappoint.

The Grande Hotel
1 Church Avenue
Hepburn Springs

Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa

One of life’s sheer pleasures is just having a bath. Whether you are drinking tea or wine, lying in soothing hot water, gently scented with salts or oils, is the most relaxing of acts and one that can empower, rejuvenate and energise.  On my recent sojourn to Daylesford, I visited the Herpburn Bathhouse and Spa, for bathing, spa-ing and eating. A perfect afternoon, really.


The Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa is located barely 90 minutes from Melbourne in the delightful wellness region, just up the road from Daylesford. The buildings and surrounds were established in 1895 and visitors have been bathing in the mineral water’s of the region ever since. A renovation in recent years means the facilities are modern and tranquil. An amazing place to escape to.


We started our afternoon at the Hepburn Pavillion Cafe, a quaint cafe on the ground of the bathhouse ideal for a light lunch or sweet treat. Starting with sparkling wine, and finishing with tea, the platters of tapas style tasting plates made for a delicious meal that wasn’t too heavy before we headed to the spa for our treatments. (The cafe also does gluten free scones, so don’t leave before you try them!)


Up the hill at the bathhouse, private bathing in a mineral bath was a welcome start to our treatment. Using the detox salts, I enjoyed 30 minutes in the water with my eyes closed and bubbles on before heading to the Spa for a Spring Rain Water Therapy.

private bath

An interesting alternative to the standard massage when you visit the region, the Spring Rain treatment sees you lie on a bed where your skin is polished with a sugar scrub and a delicious chocolate mask is smoothed over your body to firm and tone. The Vichy shower overhead then removes the products, massaging while you wash away your stresses and anxieties.


It is an odd sensation, to be lying on a bed under a shower, but the end result is feeling renewed and fresh. The whole afternoon was a divine experience and one which I’d recommend to anyone for some R&R time. Spoil yourself!

Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa
Private Bathing from $70pp
Spring Rain Water Therapy $203 (Fri-Mon)

Frangos Frangos

I’ve had a fair bit of *stuff* going on in the past few months, above and beyond the kind of day to day dramas that we all experience. While I post happy facebook status updates and continue to flit about town in my heels holding a champagne glass, the happenings behind closed doors have stressed me out quite a bit, so a night away in Daylesford with Little Miss Melbourne was a very welcome escape, and timely.

frangos frangos

Frangos Frangos is located up one end of the Daylesford Main St, and I had always thought it was just a restaurant and retail store, but no, hidden behind the facade (which would not look out of place in Italy or France) is a gorgeous boutique hotel with twelve beautifully fitted out rooms. Checking in with the general manager, Bernard, was a delight, as he showed us to Room 5 – Rouge – named for its red feature wall.


With a bathroom bigger than my entire apartment (and a tub to die for!) the hotel room was comfortable, and lovingly fitted out. Mirrors, shutters and glass doors made the intimate space appear much larger, and a mini bar with the essentials (Veuve!) was well stocked.


A drink with Bernard in the sitting room before dinner was reminiscent of cocktail hour. The room is opulent, with a magnificent balcony and furniture not out of place in a 1920s film. Chaise lounges and antique sidetables are bathed in sunshine and a mere sip of champagne takes you away.


Nothing is too much trouble for the staff (calling a taxi, recommending somewhere to eat) and they’ll greet you by name if you see them in the street. Breakfast at the adjoining KouKla cafe the following morning was delicious, and a welcome start to the day. So good in fact, that we came back for lunch after hearing that they served the best pizza in town.


There are plenty of accommodation options in Daylesford, but this experience was truly one that is a step up from just renting a house. I’d also suggest Frangos Frangos would be divine for an intimate wedding, with a delicious courtyard out the back, and the facilities (a restaurant and bar) that would easily accommodate events with style and grace.

Frangos Frangos
82 Vincent Street
Daylesford VIC 3460


TAB Betiquette – Spring Racing 2014

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I attend the races for the fashions, not the horses. In all my years of visiting Flemington, I am usually glued to the Myer Fashion on the Field stage, perusing the frocks and shocks that pass me by and writing a wish list in my head of all the stores I really need to visit to stock up my wardrobe.

sarah and jaimeeWith the TABs Jaimee Rodgers

I’m hoping this year will be different. You see, on Monday I met Jaimee Rodgers (famous TAB ad girl) and she shared a few tips and tricks about how to place a bet for this racing season. It was a truly delightful experience – all cupcakes and champagne in the Chairmans Lounge at Flemington – and I got to hold the golden cup to boot!

So, how does one place a bet on the Cup, or any other race over the Spring Racing Carnival? I’d suggest you start with a budget. Choose your spend for the day and stick to it.

KARON PHOTOGRAPHY -3699Thats the Melbourne Cup!! Wearing top by Barkins, skirt by Chicwish and shoes by Kmart. The glove goes with the cup… 

I like an each way bet generally (a win or a place, although $1 each way is not usually particularly profitable) but it means if your horse comes in 1st, 2nd or 3rd, you might make a pretty penny.

An Exacta, Trifecta and First 4 ask you to choose the first two, three or four horses in the right order, while a Quinella asks that you only pick two, that can finish in any order.

I personally liked the sound of a Box Trifecta – pick 3 horses that can finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in any order – but of course the odds change according to the risk.


My thanks to the TAB and VRC for the invitation to the inaugural Betiquette luncheon. I do hope this is a Spring Racing carnival tradition in the making!

PS Gamble responsibly! x