And so this is Christmas

I’m not sure why I’m writing a blog post now. It’s been about six weeks since I put pen to paper (or tapped away at the keyboard and stared at a screen) and I have no more time now than I have in the past month but procrastination is key and so, here I am.


My list of blog topics to ‘get to’ becomes increasingly longer every day. So too, does the list of Christmas related shopping, cooking, card writing, cleaning up and catching up – not to mention the fact that I also run a small business, where seemingly everyone wants things done before the end of year break.

In between drinking too much, sleeping too little and all the rest, it became apparent that I can’t do it all. We have to prioritise and we need to be able to say No. We need to not feel guilty about that that.

I have some exciting things to write about, and they will still be exciting in a few weeks time when everything dies down. I hope you guys are having a brilliant lead up to Christmas, and hope its a happy and safe one.

PS Last week I got the best Christmas present ever – a nephew! How awesome are babies?

Sarah x


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