VEIN Fashion App

There are some terribly clever people in this world. One of them is Brian Ritchie, and he has just developed an app that is a godsend for fashion loving girls everywhere. VEIN is Tinder on steroids, and waaay more fun.

We all know how Tinder works – swipe one way for no, the other for yes, and then go forth, meet the love of your life and life happily ever after. So let’s take that technology, replace boys with clothes, swipe to like and click through to buy. It couldn’t be more simple – or addictive.


Plus, the app has technology that allows it to learn the style of clothing you like the more you use it. Just imagine the world of possibility and the endless supply of items from ASOS that can feed into VEIN and save you from scrolling through sixty pages of stuff you just don’t care about.Wishlist

Oh, but wait. There’s more. It will also send notifications when the items you have liked GO ON SALE. I KNOW. It couldn’t be any easier to shop from your phone, on public transport or waiting for a friend.Settings1

If fashion is in your blood – or veins – ¬†download this app immediately. Industry heavyweight Patty Huntington is on board, and while I could tell you a whole lot more of the technical cool behind the user friendly design, I think you’ll get more from it if you just have a go. It’s free, and you shop online anyways, so what have you got to lose?

Available for iphone and android now. Tell your friends!


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